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How To Generate Leads During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Lead Gen Coronavirus

Although business expenditures have been drastically reduced by the pandemic, and many business activities have completely ground to a halt, adapting to alternative methods of generating and growing your business leads is absolutely essential to helping your business grow. Leads can become loyal customers depending on the way you cater to them. Meanwhile, this pandemic offers you immense amounts of time to do this. Let us discuss some tips to help your business find new ways to generate leads now.


Most people now spend their time online. Many work from home, while some are just looking to pass the time. All these have their needs which must be met without physical contact. Therefore, look for relevant ways to satisfy these needs using digital methods. Right now is the perfect time to review your marketing strategies, and to conform to a more digital system. Look for newer ways to establish a digital presence. Most businesses have found the following lead generation methods helpful:

  • Create relevant digital content to drive traffic: Creating relevant blog articles containing trustworthy alternatives for your customers to meet their dominant needs during this pandemic will help drive more traffic to your website. Your articles should contain helpful tips and guides for your audience to apply in their own businesses or to cope with the pandemic. You can then direct them to your products using catchy call-to-actions (CTAs) and other lead magnets. Make your CTAs coronavirus-themed and you’ll see more people relating and responding. For example, instead of “Contact Us”, you could say “Help Us Get Through These Times”.
  • Host digital events: Host and invite your customers to digital events such as webinars, video meetings for sales, and even a digital marketplace. It is simpler and more effective to convert global prospects into loyal customers using these digital events. Webinars, for example, can make it easy for you to dispense information about a certain product feature to many people at a go. Sales video meetings make it possible for you to bring in more business by connecting sales teams and prospective buyers, as well as build and maintain relationships between sales teams and customers. Online marketplaces allow you to exhibit your products to prospects in the comfort of their homes so you can convert those leads to sales.


Offering free trials for your customers and prospects is another effective business strategy. This has been so effective in the video service market that about 50 percent of subscribers say that free trials played a huge role in their decision to subscribe to the service. This move can work for you too if you apply it to your business.

If you already have a free trial offer on your products, you should consider extending them during this pandemic. This will encourage more people to sign up to try out your products and purchase them eventually. 


Under normal circumstances, the rolling out of a new product or product feature will be accompanied by discount offers for a limited period. Or perhaps, you had a premium paid feature on an existing product. This time though, you should consider making them free for your paying customers. This will move more people to sign up and try out your product while you boost the loyalty of existing customers to your brand. Overall, you’ll improve your brand image. As soon as the pandemic comes to its long-awaited end, you can put a price back on your product.


In addition to adapting your marketing strategies, your internal operations within the business need to change too. Since business activities can no longer be carried out in-office, build a remote operations model of your business instead. Be sure to replicate the traditional business model in the remote operations model where it is possible. Keep the bridges of communication open between you and your employees, and amongst team members through regular meetings via video conferencing. Also, set guidelines for everyone to follow and make sure that they are adhered to strictly. So doing, you will obtain good results even with the pandemic in effect.

The importance of adapting your internal operations is to keep your business running smoothly, just like a well-oiled machine. Only when you are managing your business properly and tending to your present customers well should you seek new leads. Else, you would not be able to manage these new leads properly.

Adaptability is one of the qualities that keep a business running smoothly regardless of the economic climate in the world at any time. Adapting to the methods discussed above can help your business to stay afloat even in this dire economic time. It is my sincere hope that when the pandemic comes to an end (hopefully), your business will come out strong, even more than it was before the crisis.

Oren Todoros
Oren Todoros is the CEO of BIGINTRO, a premium PR strategy agency that services emerging industries. Their core focus is set on delivering business-changing results for ambitious clients, through impactful PR outreach, content, and lead generation solutions.

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