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Proven B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Get Results

If you own or manage a B2B company, you’re in no doubt aware that lead generation is far more challenging than in a traditional B2C business. The foremost reason is that the lead pool is way shallower than that of a B2C business. Therefore, you need qualified lead generation strategies tailor-made to suit their needs to attract prospects. The competition is thick; thousands of companies are going after the scanty lead pool at the same time as you. This article provides a few qualified lead generation strategies to help you get ahead.

Direct people to your landing pages

This process is similar to fishing. You need to cast your net wide so as to pull in as big and plentiful catches as possible. How can you do this? 

  • Include prompts in your blog posts with clear calls to action directing people who click on them to your landing pages. This sends the message, “If you like what you see, there’s a lot more where it came from”. These prompts could be at the top of the page, at the bottom, or inline prompts.
  • Host an online event. It could be a webinar during which you can interact live with your prospects and answer their questions about problems they have related to your business. You will build their trust and confidence in your companies’ ability to solve their business problems with this strategy. Give these webinars publicity. Post ads on social media, on your website and include a link to a landing page on your website where interested parties can get information about the webinar along with your lead capture form.
  • Host and produce podcasts. Host and produce podcasts. Brilliant Ideas for your podcasts can come from your most popular blog posts. You could pick those that gained a wide readership and use it as a topic of discussion between yourself and another member of your team. Make weekly or bi-monthly episodes of these and give them wide publicity. If your podcast’s content is relevant and informed, they’ll garner some followers, who could be converted into leads.

Create attractive and appropriate landing pages

Now, you have succeeded in sending people to your landing pages. Definitely, you want what they see to hold them down and not repel them. Therefore, you need to design clear, uncluttered landing pages. The landing page should reflect the advantages they would enjoy if they register or drop their details. Text is most commonly used to communicate these messages. But too much text can clutter up a landing page and you’ll get the opposite effect from clear and clutter-free. Visual aids are the go-to for reversing this effect. They are very effective for conveying thoughts and messages without having to clutter the page with too much textual information. So, clear text coupled with easy to understand images equals attractive landing pages that encourage your prospects to perform an action on the page.

Another qualified lead generation strategy is to develop as many different landing pages as the number of channels through which you direct interested parties to your website; social media, your podcasts, your blog, etc.

If an individual follows a link to your webinar from your social media pages, what they expect to see include the topic or theme of the webinar, details regarding the time and so on, and then the lead capture form. So, create your landing pages to link to your driving channels. Also, do not include a navigation bar or a link to the home page in your landing pages. You do not want to make it easier for prospects to find their way away from the landing page.

Optimize your lead capture forms

Your lead capture forms must be long enough to weed out uninterested parties. You should include inquiries about the company and their goals and problems. This way you can determine if your solutions can effectively meet their needs. Remember, though, that the aim is not to make it difficult for them to complete this first stage. Hence, your forms should not be too long. Only include fields to obtain important information that can help you qualify the lead. 

Build trust by providing great content

Building and maintaining trust between your company and your prospects is another qualified lead generation strategy. When you consistently provide good content via your blog posts and podcasts, your readers and listeners will be more inclined to seek you out should they ever need your services. In addition, they are more likely to refer you to another company that is in need of your services. And referrals are another great channel through which you obtain leads.

Oren Todoros
Oren Todoros is the CEO of BIGINTRO, a premium PR strategy agency that services emerging industries. Their core focus is set on delivering business-changing results for ambitious clients, through impactful PR outreach, content, and lead generation solutions.

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