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10 Lead Generation Services Every CMO Should Know

Lead Gen Services

Lead generation can be quite challenging. After all, there are thousands of businesses online doing just about the same things that you are to generate leads for their respective businesses. That being said, you can get ahead of the competition – with the right lead generation tools and services, of course. In this article, we will review some of the best lead generation services with specific purposes and their prominent features.


Intercom is useful for operations as collecting product feedback, and understanding objections to a certain feature or product. Using individual visitors’ activities as a basis, you could set rules to display messages like “Tell Us Where to Improve”, for example, if a visitor spends more than 60 seconds on your About Us page. Afterward, the Live Chat feature pops up and a member of your team can chat with them.


You can share your business slides to the platform. Make sure they’re well-designed and easy-to-understand, and there’s a likelihood that SlideShare will feature your slide on their homepage for a day or two. Imagine the reach you can get with that- thousands, possibly. Afterward, when people search for the topic of your slide on the site, your slides will rank well, so your targeted leads can find you faster.


Hellobar is another on-page lead generation tool. It is a powerful widget that appears at the top of each page on your website once you have installed the software. Its function is to call the attention of your visitors to an important call to action on your website. It also allows you to conduct A/B tests; that is, compare variables in each call to action and message to help you determine which is more effective.


Leadfeeder is an on-page lead generation tool. Its most prominent function is finding sales leads based on visitors’ website activity and creating convincing sales pitches to help you convert leads optimally. The use of visitors’ website activities to generate leads helps you to speed up the lead generation process. Leadfeeder does not require any contact forms as visitors’ contact information are automatically fetched and sent to the customer relationship management (CRM). You would have to link it to your LinkedIn profile to use this feature though.


Growbots is an outbound lead generation tool; that is, it helps you identify leads and send messages to them via other channels such as mails. It’s a good way to manage your outbound campaigns as it makes sure that you do not accidentally send them to your existing customers. That is just one of the many clever rules that Growbots apply in doing its work. It has a huge database of contacts to ensure that your outbound lead generation campaigns have a wide reach. is another powerful outbound lead generation tool. It is an automated email marketing platform that comes with several useful features; an email finder tool that fetches email addresses to create a list for your cold email campaigns; a verification tool to help you refine the email list; a library of email templates that you can use to create effective drip campaigns; and a user-friendly reports and analytics interface to help you track campaigns’ performance.


Leadformly is an on-page lead generation tool that aims at improving the conversion rate of your forms. It makes small adjustments to your lead capture forms to increase the lead conversion rate. It makes use of conditional logic to sort your leads and comes with analytics tools and audience insights to help you track your form’s performance.


Quora has become a hotspot where people all over the world go to find answers to their questions online. Chances are people are asking questions related to your business which presents you with the opportunity to showcase your expertise by providing informed answers and expert advice to their questions. Potential leads from anywhere in the word will be driven to contact you as they see that you can solve their problems.


Unbounce is another major on-page lead generation tool. It helps you build a landing page while keeping in focus its primary objective- lead conversion. It also has A/B testing capabilities, visitor statistics, and integration with AdWords.


Hubspot is an all-in-one lead generation tool mostly used by SaaS companies and agencies. It offers marketing and CRM tools in a single package. You can find new leads, and manage your existing contacts and blog posts. HubSpot comprises of three main platforms all priced differently. There are free plans on all three platforms that you can try out with limited functionality.

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