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10 Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Lead Gen Mistakes

Lead generation is usually any marketing team’s priority in business. Thousands of dollars are invested in purchasing lead generation tools, purchasing email lists, hiring SEO experts to help drive traffic and leads towards businesses. Still, lead generation is a constant challenge.

If you continually struggle to meet your lead generation needs, chances are you are making one or more mistakes in the process.

To help you identify what you could be doing wrong, here are 10 lead generation mistakes you absolutley should avoid.

1. You do not understand your audience

Expedient to any sales pitch is an in-depth understanding of your prospect’s circumstances and their challenges. To this end, engaging in some research to gain a good understanding of your target audience is essential. Understand not just the superficial details such as age range, average household income, etc., but the underlying intent behind their actions. What drives them to make purchases? Then, you can create audience-focused content that are more appealing.

2. Your lead generation campaigns are poorly planned and tested

Lead generation is not a case of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. What worked for one business may not work for you. Therefore, you must plan well for your campaigns, measure them, and test them. Try different approaches and determine in each case what works well for your business and your audience.

3. You fail to nurture leads

BPM Forum reported from research that about 80% of leads generated are never followed up. This mishandling often results from a disconnect between the marketing and sales teams. To ensure alignment between these teams, consider implementing the use of integrated CRM technology so everyone knows exactly how to cater to specific leads.

4. You rely on one tactic only

Cold emails and calls have been described as “clutching the straw” tactics. And they are, on their own. After all, few people will ever go straight from receiving a cold email or call to becoming a full-fledged client of your firm. Therefore, a combination of tactics and strategies will achieve much more than one tactic can on its own.

5. You are not sustaining long-term implementation lead generation

Every business need leads and wants them now. But, getting people to trust you enough that they buy your services takes time. Besides, out of 100 proactively generated leads, 25 are short-term leads while 75 are long-term. Focusing on the short-term leads means letting about three-quarters of your leads flow down the drain. Nurture your long-term leads so that you are at the top of their minds when a need for your services arises.

6. Your call to action is not clear enough

As stated earlier, people will hardly ever go from an ad to a full-fledged client. Of course, they will accept a free guide, eBook, or read an article from an ad. But if these avenues lack a clear call to action, they will do nothing, as that is exactly what you’re telling them – “Do nothing!”. Have a clear goal and call to action for each of your lead generation campaigns.

7. You have been expending on the wrong goals

Could it be that you have been directing funds to create awareness through ads in business journals, newspapers, etc. that offer wide readership? Those funds could be better put to use to reach out to the albeit smaller pool of people who are more likely to be interested in your services as opposed to the journals that have wide readership but the majority of whom do not need your services.

8. Your keyword data is outdated

Keywords are not set in stone. You need to continually research, test, and implement keywords. If you slack in keyword research, you will miss out on valuable potential leads. Therefore, update your keyword list consistently and generate content accordingly. Also, review past keywords that are no longer driving content towards you and consider reframing or removing the content.

9. Your implementation is suffering as a result of inefficient decision-making

Some businesses are eager to fire up their lead generation engines at the start of the year. A month, three months and half the year go by and nothing has been done. Most of the time, there are too many decision-makers who can’t get on the same page and decide what to do about effective lead generation strategies. So, nothing gets done.

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10. Poor integration of lead generation tactics

Have people not been responding to the meeting you offered in your cold emails? What if your email offered a free guide or white paper relevant to their business in exchange for their contact information? And will they be more inclined to agree to a phone call or in-person meeting to discuss the guide and its application to them and their business? Most probably. You need to integrate your tactics properly.

Try to avoid these lead generation mistakes, incorporate the suggestions, and watch your leads increase considerably as a result, almost immediately.

Oren Todoros
Oren Todoros is the CEO of BIGINTRO, a premium PR strategy agency that services emerging industries. Their core focus is set on delivering business-changing results for ambitious clients, through impactful PR outreach, content, and lead generation solutions.

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