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How To Effectively Generate Qualified Leads With Facebook Ads

FB Lead Gen Ads

Since being founded in 2004, Facebook has grown from a “Harvard social network” to boast a worldwide family of 2.6 billion users, making the platform one of the most effective lead generation avenues available to businesses around the world. Many businesses are taking advantage of Facebook ads and are having success with the process.

You’re probably asking yourself, how you can generate qualified leads with Facebook ads work for your business? This article will guide you in mastering the use of Facebook ads to generate qualified leads and increase your sales pipeline.

Setting up Facebook Ads

To set up your Facebook ad, log in to your Facebook Ad Manager, and choose “Create an Ad”.

Facebook Lead Gen

In the Campaigns tab. In Objectives, select “Lead Generation”. This option allows you to target people who are already considering purchasing your goods or services or who have already started making research about solutions to their problems (which you have), ensuring that your ad is seen by those most likely to buy.


Next, choose your A/B testing and Campaign Budget Optimization settings. Toggle on and off according to your preference. Then specify your audience. Facebook allows you to upload a Custom Audience using email addresses, phone numbers, and any other contact information you have obtained.

You can use the Lookalike Audiences that match the types of people visiting your Facebook page already. You’ll then have to specify the demographics, interests, and behaviors common to your audience.

For best results, leave Placements set at Automatic. This setting allows Facebook to decide where your ads are best optimized.

Next up, set your ad budget and schedule. And finally, set your ad design. Choose what format your ad will use (image, slideshow, video), choose your image, and enter your ad copy.

Of course, you would need to build your lead capture form. In the Instant Form section, select “New Form”. Then, you’ll specify the type of form you want and decide if you’ll include an intro, customize the questions your form will include, share your privacy policy (which you must have linked to from your website), and customize your Thank You screen.

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Targeting specific audiences

Facebook allows you to target audiences based on location and several demographics such as age, gender, and language. You can get specific to the extent of targeting people who live in a location, who have recently been in a location, or people traveling to a location. You can also get more detailed demographics to target such as political views, job titles, ethnicity, etc.

The easiest option to target audiences is with their interests. Facebook will show your ad to people who have expressed interest in a subject that you choose or a similar subject. This way, you can target people interested in your competitors and your market segment as a whole.

Facebook gathers and analyzes data from users to help you target them based on behavior, i.e. events they liked, their purchase history, personal anniversaries, etc. With Facebook Custom Audience are those with whom you have had a measure of engagement, probably through your website or app. You can simply upload Customer files to create your custom audience, or create one based on website traffic using Facebook Pixel, or based on app activity and engagement.

Generating and increasing qualified Facebook leads

Only qualified leads will be of any value to you. So to give you an added advantage, utilize the following strategies to increase your success of generating MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) qualified leads with Facebook Ads.

  • Offer something for free: People love free stuff. A free guide, free trial for a product, and demos are examples of resources you can offer to leads for free in exchange for contact information so you can nurture their interest in your brand and guide them through the customer journey.
  • Ask questions: Questions can help you differentiate between qualified leads and unqualified ones. How so? Their answers to qualifying questions you include in your instant forms will help you determine the quality of leads and segment them accordingly. Surveys can also give you important information needed to qualify leads. On your survey forms, ask if the lead needs the value your product offers. This will help you determine how much of the problems you can solve. Place your surveys in strategic locations and time them properly.
  • Use videos: They are a powerful way of conveying your message and they can be even more powerful to attract your audience and deliver a CTA. Note though, that most Facebook videos are only watched up to a third of their duration. Thus, build anticipation at the start of the video and present your CTA early.
  • Go mobile: People spend an increasingly immense amount of time on their mobile phones. Thus, exploit this to follow up on your leads. I’m talking about SMS precisely. SMS has a higher response rate than emails do. Therefore, combine an SMS campaign with your other lead generation channels. You could send an SMS to follow up with leads who have given you their mobile information. You can also send an SMS to follow up on your CTA on a video with more information about your services or products.
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