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How to Increase Outbound Lead Gen Success with Personalized Videos

Personalized Videos

Personalization is quickly becoming an essential part of every marketer’s skillset. In fact, marketing lead generation teams are increasingly applying personalization tactics as part of their outreach campaigns – and with good reason! Everyone likes to feel they’re being given extra special personal attention.

Personalized content and messages exert greater influence on a prospect’s decision to purchase than non-specific generic messaging. To help your business bring in more customers and sales, this article will teach you to leverage personalization mixed with another proven solution – videos!

First, though, it’s important to discuss the merits of personalized videos for your cold outreach campaigns and overall B2B lead generation tactics. Video content generates sigfnificnalty higher engagement than any other medium.

The Benefits of Personalized Video Content

Personalized videos will help you create unique customer experiences for your audience to enjoy. Depending on how your message is drafted, you have the power to make them feel like they’re an important part of your brand.

They are effective tools in cold email outreach campaigns. So much that they can double your conversion rates. They’re that powerful because they make your brand stand apart from others.

Personalized videos can help you nurture leads you’ve obtained and they encourage your prospects to engage with your business.

They help you ramp up an important aspect of your relationship with prospects and customers – trust and credibility. These two are major determining factors in a prospect’s decision to make purchases and personalized videos thus improve the likelihood of them making that purchase.

The benefits above culminate ultimately in substantial improvements in your sales conversion rates, which is the goal here.

While sales conversions are paramount, customer loyalty and retention are equally important. Personalized videos help you ensure that these aspects of your sales funnel are well tended to. They help you convince your customers that they still have a special place in your business and will impact their decision to make purchases next time.

How to Create Personalized Video Content

The technique you wish to apply to your outreach personalized videos will determine how you make your video. Using the one-to-one technique means sending one email to one person at a time. 

Each prospect on your email list receives a unique message that includes their details e.g. name, company name. 

The one-to-many technique involves sending personalized messages to many recipients at once. A group of prospects get the same message but you still achieve your aim of personalizing by inserting their names within the video content.

Your email copy and thumbnail play a huge part in getting prospects to play your videos. They’re collectively known as the “preroll”, and they’re what your prospects see before playing your video. So, you need to make sure they’re captivating.  Keep it short. 1-2 minutes max!

Lastly, ensure that your video is of professional quality. If your video is foggy and of poor quality, they may conclude that it’s not worth their while.

Top 5 SaaS Platforms That Offer Personalized Video Solutions

Personalized Video Content

Introduce yourself, and thank them for their time. Tell them how you want to help them, and mention past successes you had helping other people solve the same or similar problems so they can see that you’re an expert in the field.

Finally, present your CTA clearly and concisely. Remember, do not attempt to sell on your first video. The aim of a personalized video is to engage your prospects, so leave things at that the first time.

It goes without saying that your efforts would largely go to waste if your audience cannot identify your brand from your video. So, customize the video player to reflect your brand.

Most video marketing solutions provide features that can allow you to include brand images such as your company name, logo, and thumbnail into the player. You may also include customer testimonials in your videos to increase credibility and trust.

Video Tracking and Analytics

Many video marketing platforms also offer tracking and analytic features for you to track your progress and your videos’ performance during outreach campaigns. Measurable metrics include how many people view your videos, how long they viewed, and how many people took action after viewing. These metrics will help you identify issues with your preroll and your script respectively.

Exploit personalized videos today to improve the quality of your cold outreach campaigns and see your success metrics shoot up exponentially. Here is a list of five top SaaS platforms that provide personalized video solutions.

With the right mix of personal elements, emotions and creativity, personalized video content can add serious muscle to your marketing approach. You’ll not only stand out within your industry and encourage your leads to take that final step towards sale, but you’ll also strengthen emotional relationships with both your current and potential customers.

Just be sure to consider your video strategy from end-to-end. This includes how and where the video will be used throughout the marketing funnel and how personalization builds upon your existing efforts.

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