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Drive and Convert More Website Visitors with SearchFunnels

The cornerstone for all online success, and where businesses win or fail is typically traffic, leads, and conversions. That being said, the vast majority of today’s online business tools and platforms mislead entrepreneurs and businesses.

Funnels based solutions and self-build websites platforms, for example, fail for virtually these exact reasons – a lack of knowledge about traffic and conversions.

That’s where SearchFunnels comes in. Think of it as a sales funnel solution on steroids for entrepreneurs. SearchFunnels gives you the traffic power of WordPress and Google but with the sexiness of Shopify.

Today, traffic for most SMBs is hard to come by as the majority of brands do not have the financial prowess or time to build organic search engine traffic. So they choose to run Facebook ads or other ad platforms, but in a world where CBD is a prohibited keyword, this comes with the mix too little results. The only other way to generate traffic is through an influencer, affiliate, social hustle, and personal network.

Even when a brand generates traffic, the next hurdle is conversion, and that starts from the point a prospect first sees you to the point they purchase. SearchFunnels maximizes the brand’s visual appearance and optimizes the conversion through brand trust. If your brand doesn’t connect to an audience, with no clear message and looks crappy your conversion rate is dead from the get-go.


In comparison to existing platforms; One-click funnel builders do not get indexed and rank on Google for high converting keywords. Shopify website for example allows SMBs to create beautiful websites, but ultimately the code it is built on limits the ability to be indexed and ranked in google.

Secondly, brand designers and developers build the site with little to no knowledge of conversion so by the nature of the system you limit traffic and conversions.

Lastly, Searchfunnels website owners receive access to the Secretvault which will be packed full of free and paid tools and plugins to put traffic and conversions on hyperdrive.

SearchFunnels builds your brand out and integrates it into our templates so you’ll think you’ve spent 15-30k on a website and you’ll have a SearchFunnels website that looks a million dollars all form a starting point of $2997 USD.

Oren Todoros
Oren Todoros is the CEO of BIGINTRO, a premium PR strategy agency that services emerging industries. Their core focus is set on delivering business-changing results for ambitious clients, through impactful PR outreach, content, and lead generation solutions.

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