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5 Proven Sales Pitches You Should Steal Right Now!


The most essential part of your sales process is perhaps how well you master your sales pitch. Making a sale does not mean merely demonstrating the service or product; it involves aspects such as research, carefully listening, offering a relevant solution, and providing compelling reasons to buy. 

A few minutes each day improving your presentation skills and sales pitch can make or break most of your deal flow. Essentially a sales pitch is a two-way interaction between you and the buyer that facilitates the flow of information while relaying benefits for the buyer.

After all, who doesn’t want to create an excellent impression on their prospects, right? To give you the upper hand, here are 5 Proven Sales Pitch strategies that will level up your sales skills.

Negative Reverse Selling

Unlike traditional sales techniques, which are typically aimed at positive reinforcements and reasons to buy, negative reverse selling appears to do the exact opposite. Instead of being an eager salesperson, you’re challenging the prospect to convince you that they’re a good fit and that they’re ready to buy.

Like a pendulum, you pull the prospect in a negative direction (maybe you don’t need this) and they go in the opposite positive direction (list reasons why they need it). This effective technique was invented by David Sandler in 1967.

Storytelling Based Sales Pitch

Everyone loves a good story. Especially the ones that lure the listener in and make them feel as if they’re part of it. Leading your sales pitch with a story is as it ultimately connects your listener into the sales process. Take notice of when your prospect reacts positively to the story in your favor; this helps you keep their attention as you gently make it reach the sales climax. 

Stories facilitate trust and faith when told the right way. Now keep in mind that time is valuable, so keep them short and to the point. If perfected, your prospects won’t know what hit them. Don’t stretch your story; otherwise, you will end up losing your grip and missing your sales goals.

Demo Based Sales Pitch

People believe and remember things far more when they see it than when simply being told about it. Makes sense right? A demonstration of your product or service far outweighs anything you may tell your prospects. Spend less time talking about why they should buy from you, and more time showing them exactly what they’re getting. Demonstrations should communicate essential features along with the benefits of the product. In doing so, your demo based pitch will feel more natural and authentic.

Question-Based Selling Technique (QBS)

Effective sales is a game of asking the right questions. Unless you ask the right questions, you won’t uncover the right needs. Unless you ask the right questions, you won’t understand the right problems to solve. But there’s an art to asking sales questions. 

With the advantage of using question-based selling techniques identified and accepted, the salesperson will need to build a questioning strategy to benefit from the new approach. 

The first step is in the preparation of questions to ask: 

  • Before each sales call or visit, take time to review the client’s website and other online resources (such as LinkedIn and Facebook). 
  • Learn as much as possible about the client, and the person being visited. 
  • Research the client’s specific market and audience. 
  • From this analysis, develop 3 to 5 initial questions to further explore client needs. 

These questions will form the basis of the open-ended engaging questions that will get the client to think about their problems and present opportunities for discussion of the benefits of buying the service or product on offer.

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Sell With a Little Flattery

Flattery in advertising can be either direct or subtle. That being said, flattery is a sales tactic that you need to use with extreme caution. Insincere flattery, usually made by the salesperson to help close a sale, can backfire in most retail settings. 

Many advertisers try to make their flattery as subtle as possible, but this can be dangerous. Consumers may be talented enough at picking up on flattery through marketing no matter how subtle it is, which can create feelings of mistrust. Blatant flattery, however, can be useful in subconscious ways, since even though the consumer may consciously admit that such flattery is ridiculous, subconsciously the association is still made. The New Belgium beer company, for example, printed 2010 bottles with large print that said “You’re holding a great beer and you have wonderful friends.” Although overtly ridiculous, such flattery does have scientifically proven effects.

In Conclusion

Now that we have painted a picture for you through our ideas of Proven Sales Pitches, offering you alternatives, you can now build your sales pitch with any or a combination of these persuasive techniques. Don’t forget to trigger the emotional connection between you and your listener, and you are all set.

Oren Todoros
Oren Todoros is the CEO of BIGINTRO, a premium PR strategy agency that services emerging industries. Their core focus is set on delivering business-changing results for ambitious clients, through impactful PR outreach, content, and lead generation solutions.

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